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You can check back here often to find out current news about Toad.  He will try to have his results from matches, any changes to where the Motherpad will be next, and stuff that he thinks is cool....

Oct. 1, 1999

There has been alot going on with the Toad.  First of all, Toad was injuried again during a match with Bo Dup and he tore his hamstring.  This has put Toad out of action, and there is currently no time-table set up for when he can return to full action.  I know that the fans would like to see him in action but, currently, that can not happen. 

For those of you who follow Toad's career, you know that he used to team with Lodi from WCW.  Together they were a team called Dangerous Minds.  It seems that WCW has changed their minds about running the Lodi/Lenny storyline on the show.  As of now, they have been pulled off of tv and will not return.  For anyone who watches WCW, you know that this was one of the only things that was actually good about WCW.  Now, they have taken it away.  Toad urges everyone to email WCW and protest this recent change in the show.   With enough support, we can hopefully change their mind and get Lodi back on tv.   Simply click here and it will take you to the WCW site where you can protest.  Thanks.

July 20, 1999

Toad has been out of action for the last six weeks due to an injury.  We were able to catch up with him since he had withdrawn from the public eye to rest and recover.  Toad promises to be back in action soon.  We were able to get a new interview with him which explains his injury, where he is going, his new title, and his friends.  Check it out........

May 31, 1999

I know that I haven't posted much news here but I am trying ok?  Things that have happened this week make everyone in this sport stop and think about what's going on around them.   With the death of Owen Hart, you have to stop and think for a minute...Here are some thoughts.....

On a personal note, my prayers are with the Hart family.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Owen but from all accounts, he was truely something special.  I didn't grow up watching wrestling.  When I first saw my first ppv, I fell in love with it.  I hated that I had missed out on this wonderful thing for 25 years of my life.  I tried to find all the old tapes I could.  The only tape that my video store had was a WWF 1992 Royal Rumble tape.  On it, Owen and Anvil wrestled the Orient Express.  I saw Owen do things that were unbelievable.  This all was new to me.  I saw him doing flips and frankensteiners.  I never returned the tape needless to say and still can't go back to that video store.  But the tape is still sitting on my shelf.  I remember thinking that if I ever started wrestling, I would wear a pair of baggy pants like Owen.  I must have watched that tape a hundred times and it still brings a smile to my face.

Owen, I will miss watching you work.

With all the thinking that I have done, I decided to add some thank yous and comments.

First, I would like to thank God.  As my friends know, I'm not the most religous guy in the world.   But when I started taking the time to pray, my life got better.  I suggest that everyone do the same.

I would like to thank my family for believing in me and making daily sacrifices to allow me to follow my dreams.

I would like to thank Chris Wright and Gary Semmons for breaking me into the buisness and my early training.

George Weingroff- for his stern ass-chewing and him demanding that I go to the Plant for training.

Lodi- for his friendship and belief in my abilities and his comfort when the buisness make me want to cry.

Chris Perry- for friendship and working tirelessly on promotional videos. ( Chris is the nicest person I have ever met, straight shoot.)

Patty Griggs- for being so very special, a family friend, and my number 1 fan.

All the promoters who keep me alive.

Raven- for being my friend and taking the time to share his knowledge with this "greenhorn".

Sarge- for taking a personal interest in me and my career. Being willing to stay late to answer questions when all he really wants is to be home with his kids.  You won't find a better trainer in the buisness, straight shoot.


Lastly, I just want to tell everyone about next week's match in Concord, NC.  C.W. and I will be taking on Public Enemy in a double table, street fight.  I hope everyone can come out to this match, because it will be great.



April 24, 1999

Check out Toad's benefit show to be held in Columbia, NC on saturday.  Toad, in partnership with the Scuppernong River Foundation and Fight for Sight, helps put on this show to raise money for children of the area.  This is a worthwhile event and support is needed.   For the wrestling fans, come see the Barbarian, Ivan Koloff, Manny Fernandez, Toad, C.W. Anderson, NiteStic Eddie Brown, Cue-Sic, Otto Schawnz, and many others. It will be a great show with a bell time of 7:30. 


April 21, 1999

Toad traveled to Greenville, NC to wrestle for the WWO.  Toad saw double action that night, first being robbed of a win when Cue-Sic defeated Toad in a barb wire match.  Cue Sic enlisted the aid of Preston Quinn to help secure the victory.

Then, Toad had to face C.W.Anderson in a lumberjack match in the main event.  Action was back and forth in this one until Toad was able to pull victory from the arms of defeat.





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