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Check out where the MotherPad lands next...

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june 5, 1999- toad teams with C.W. in Concord, NC to face Public Enemy in a double table street fight match.  Be sure to get there early.

June 9, 1999- Toad in action for NDW in Camden, NC.

June 10, 1999- Toad travels to Kinston, NC for the NDW.

June 12, 1999- Toad returns to Concord for some hot NDW action.

June 19, 1999- Toad travels to Morhead City, NC, to face the top in the WWO.

June 24, 1999- Toad returns to the House of Hardcore, the Berkley Cafe, in Raleigh NC, for some hot SCW action.

June 26, 1999- Toad heads to Keanansville to face the top talent in the ACCW.

july 3, 1999- toad returns to thomasville, nc to whip some booty in ndw.

July 17, 1999- Toad heads to Wilson, NC for some ACCW action.

July 24, 1999- See Toad team up with TadPole Buck and Q-sic in Williamston, nC for some hot ACCW action.

august 7, 1999- once again, thomasville, nc will see the motherpad land for ndw.

August 28, 1999- Toad heads to Franklington for some high flying wrestling.





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