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Check out these links across the web.  They are some of the best out there and if you have a link that you would like to trade, simply e-mail the webmaster and let him know. 

                                                                                                                                      Wrestling Promotions:

World Wrestling Federation - Check out the latest on Stone Cold, The Rock, and all your favorites.

World Championship Wrestling - If you must follow Goldberg and the NWO, this is the place to go.

Extreme Championship Wrestling - The site for true Hardcore fans.

Southern Championship Wrestling - The place to go to see the hottest independent wrestling in the South.

WWO Wrestling- The force of wrestling on the coast heading east fast.

NWA Wrestling - The driving force of independents in the North.

Omega Wrestling - Home of such stars as the Hardy Boyz, Venom, and Cham Pain.

IPWA Wrestling - Virginia's leading independent wrestling promotion featuring stars like CueBall Carmichael.


CW Anderson- The Chairman of Indy Wrestling and bad boy of SCW.

Lodi- My old tag team partner in Dangerous Minds, and star of WCW.

NiteStic Eddie Brown- One cop trying to make a difference, in and out of the ring.

Otto Schwanz - The site of the "German Beef", and tough SOB.

The Show, Shane Helms- Be it singles or tag team, Shane is blowing up.

The Serial Thrillaz - Quite possibly the hottest tag team on the Indy circuit today.

Foxy Lady- THE lady wrestler on the indy circuit who is "all that without all that".

Natrone Steele- Star of the WWO.

Scab- WWO standout who is starting to invade SCW.

Juice - SCW Standout making a name for himself.

Chezrae the Idolmaker- "Bank It, Baby", when Chez is in your corner.  Manager to the stars.

Joe Rules- "IT's not just a name,....It's a Fact!!!"

Count Grog- As evil as he wants to be.......

Posion Ivey - One tough sumbitch that you don't want mad at you.

John Henry - The NetBastard himself, ring announcer and sometimes manager

The Original Suburban Hoods- A hot tag team from the north saying that "Bigger is Better"

News and Information:Wrestling

Wrestlemaniacs - Your one stop spot for the latest information on wrestling news and rumors.

The Indy Informer - The new place to go for up to the minute details on the indy circuit.

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