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How many people in the business claim to be Hardcore?  Just about everybody and their brother.   Here is somebody that raises the standards of being extreme.  In fact, you can't call it hardcore anymore..........  From now on, you have to call it ToadCore.

In these next pages you will see the true high flyer, death defiler, the man who says that anything and everything goes when he steps in the ring.  Chairs, chains, tables, tacks, bats, and the kitchen sink can't stop him, and he'll probably ask for more......Here is TOAD!!!!

The Site is undergoing a new look.  Check back on the first of March to get the up to date information on Toad.  A new interview, and a news update are promised.  Plus, Details of the Fight for Sight Charity Show in Manteo with alot of top stars on March 18.   Look for details soon.


gimmick3.jpg (30291 bytes) Interview with the Toad- Check back every month for a new interview. 
News and Updates- See what is happening in the life of Toad
Getting Froggy Style- Check out some pics of Toad in action.
Tour Schedule-  Find out where the motherpad is landing next.
Toad Gear- See the latest in Toad apparel for the street.
Links-  Check out the best links to all your favorite indy stars.


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